10 resolutions for Bikers in 2020

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Every year, as a rider, you make promises to yourself about riding. How often do you follow through? The thing about resolutions like these is they should be fun and a piece of the pie in making riding a much better experience. Here are 10 motorcyclist resolutions that will be easy to follow and will make 2020 one of your best riding years yet.




1. I Will Take a Safety Course


No matter how experienced you are, there’s always room for improvement. It might be as simple as learning new techniques and laws or finally correcting those bad-habits you’ve collected over the years. There’s no doubt that anyone on the road today could use a refresher, and the learn-to-ride courses are not only educational, but a lot of fun.


2. I Won’t Let My Bike Sit For More Than 3 Days in a Row


There’s nothing sadder than walking past a bike that’s been sitting most of the week. Even if you’re taking it down the street for a quick trip to the store, give your bike a little more love. The more you do, the more your bike becomes the transportation for everything.


3. I Will Help My Friends Learn To Ride


We all love to ride alone, but sometimes it’s great to bring a friend or two. Your friends can come up with excuses all day why they shouldn’t ride, but you know the moment they get on a bike, those are all out the window. Do a friend a favor and give them the gift of the ride.


4. I Will Have My Bike Inspected More Regularly


You love your bike, let your bike know it. The smoother and more efficiently you keep your motorcycle running, the easier it is to enjoy the ride. It’s better to find out problems with your bike by a professional than to find them out on the road.


5. I Will Plan More Trips


It’s easy to say you’re going to do something. It’s just as easy to find excuses not to do it. Start planning all your trips now, make the arrangements, and start securing the dates. Once all the planning is done, all that is left is the countdown until you get to go. Plan a bunch this year and set a new personal record for rides.


6. I Will Keep My Bike Clean


One of the biggest reasons is that keeping your bike clean will prevent corrosion and rust, protect the paint and finishes. But deep down it’s just showing the love for your ride.


ride motorcycle with friends


7. I Will Connect With New Friends Who Ride


It’s great to ride alone. Open mind on an open road. The solitude is refreshing and lets you control your travels. But there’s a lot of advantages to riding with friends. Traveling in numbers is always a safer way to travel. It’s great to take in the amazing vistas with others. It’s also nice to find motivated riders who get you out riding more. Making new friends who ride is a great way to get you on your bike more.


8. I Will Explore New Rides


Everyone has their favorite ride, but what about making new ones? Find places you’ve never gone before and conquer them. You might just find your new favorite ride.


9. I Will Treat Myself to New Gear


A new jacket, saddle bags, even sunglasses. You deserve to upgrade you.


10. Ride, Ride, and Ride More.


Motorcycles are meant to be ridden, so get on yours today. Take it to the market. Take it across the state. You know that feeling of being on your bike. I puts you in a happy place. So why not ride as much as you can. Let’s make 2020 the best year of riding you’ve ever had.


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