Stocking Stuffers for the Motorcyclist in Your Life

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Like many of us know, finding gifts around holidays for the special people in our lives isn’t always the easiest task. They can have a lot of different interests and aren’t always incredibly vocal about what they like best. 


However, if you have a motorcyclist close to your heart, finding them something special can be a bit easier this time of year. There’s an endless amount of accessories and tools that are always useful and appreciated by motorcyclists everywhere- whether it’s an upgrade to something they already have or something new to enhance and bring the most to their riding experience.


This holiday season, we bring you a list of the best stocking-stuffers for that special motorcyclist in your life. Something surefire to bring a smile to their face and give them something to use well after the Holidays come to an end.

harley davidson Motorcycle Intercom

Motorcycle Intercom

Whether you ride a motorcycle or not, I am sure you could imagine how loud and hard it is to communicate on the open road. With the roar of the motor, rip of the wind and all the other static going on out there, riders need a clear and efficient way to speak to one another. A Motorcycle Intercom gives them just that. These modern devices are able to sync up with a rider’s helmet, giving them a clear stream of communication straight to their ear.

harley davidson earplugs



Something riders can tend to neglect is all the damage their ear receives while riding. Wind noise on highways can produce an excess of 100 dB. That is like standing in the middle of a  rock concert or running a loud power tool. Expose your naked ear to this level of sound and you might start to lose some hearing after 30 minutes. Cut out the risk and get the rider in your life some earplugs.

harley davidson Multipurpose Tool Kit

Multipurpose Tool Kit


If they don’t already have a tool kit in their saddle, put this at the top of your list. Heading out without a way to make little repairs on the road is a disaster waiting to happen.

harley davidson flashight



After you get them the toolkit, go ahead and grab a headlamp as well. If they need to make a quick fix in the dead of night, they’re going to need a hands-free source of light to see exactly what went wrong.

harley davidson Mini Compressor

Mini Compressor


It’s not always going to be an ideal situation when a bike succumbs to a flat tire. Tires sometimes lose air in the middle of nowhere. A mini compressor will help refill a new tire, giving a rider a quick and easy fix to get back on the road.

motorcycle Phone Holder

Phone Holder


Everyone has a phone and every rider needs somewhere to put theirs when they head out. A phone holder gives them hands-free access and is especially useful if they are using it as a GPS to figure out where they are headed. Most of these can be mounted on handlebars and should grip a phone tightly to stop it falling and skipping across the asphalt.

harley davidson Helmet Visor

Helmet Visor


Not all helmets are great at blocking the sun. Sometimes they seem to let the rays right into your face. A visor will help alleviate this nuisance, and is an easy and simple gift for any rider. Be wary though, not all visors are compatible with all helmets. You might want to do a little recon on your motorcyclist’s helmet to know exactly what the right size and make is.

harley davidson googles



This is something every motorcyclist needs, whether they realize it or not. And even if they already have a pair, they could be due for an upgrade.

harley davidson gloves



Like goggles, gloves are rarely a bad gift idea. They tend to wear out a bit quicker than other accessories and most motorcyclists don’t mind having a few pairs at their disposal.

harley davidson Handlebar Grips

Handlebar Grips


These are cheap, yet one of the more useful gifts on this list. These can wear out over time like gloves, and having a fresh grip on a bike is always a welcomed experience.


harley davidson Tire Pressure Gauge


While it’s not uncommon for newer bikes to have these already installed, most older bikes do not. If the motorcyclist in your life has a rat bike that doesn’t have all the latest bells and whistles, this is a great little tool to pair with it.


harley davidson Gremlin Bells


Last but far from least, Gremlin Bells are always a great gift idea, regardless of the time of year. It is actually taboo for a biker to buy these themselves and traditionally must be received as a gift. Gremlin Bells are hung low from the motorcycle, keeping the road gremlins at bay and the motorcyclist close to heart safe all year long.


For any inquiries on these kinds of products, feel free to give us a call or stop by our Meridian store to take a look at our inventory.


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