How to Store Your Motorcycle for Winter

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A Proper Winter Stow to Avoid Snow and Slow


Winter in the Pacific Northwest is on its way, our temperatures are dipping. 55 miles per hour feels pretty good right about now, but in two months, that might not be the case. If you’re a casual rider, or an expert, you likely still have a few tricks up your sleeve for storing your bike during winter. You’ve had a great riding season, and you may well be riding in winter too, but that temperature is dropping and there’s no way around that. While the solstice is still a few months out, it is important to have a plan for keeping your ride ready for the fair weather. There are plenty of myths out there and we all hold them dear when it comes to winterizing our motorcycles. With those myths come a lot of questions: how much air do I need in my tires? Will a tarp do? What about the gas tank, should I empty it? Just like our motorcycle preferences, these answers vary from case to case, but there are some things that just ring true. Everyone has their way of doing things, but here is a common list of things to consider when winterizing your motorcycle.


Call the professionals


First and foremost, you can take the easiest, and often smartest, route- pay for the services your beautiful steed deserves. Call our Harley Davidson Service Department for information on how to store your bike the best way possible. You can get all of your service needs taken care of prior to storing as well as right before you take it out of the stable. This is by far the best way to keep your bike healthy and safe from trouble.


Do it Yourself Motorcycle Winterizing


So, you want to store your bike at home? That works too! We know you’re attached, and we understand why, it’s your steel horse and no one can take that from you. If you’re going to do it this way, there are also some things you should think about.


What are Some Tips for winterizing Your Motorcycle? 


You want to keep your bike pristine and clean for as long as possible. You want to be seen on that road and have an enjoyable experience. To maintain the smooth nature of your bike, there are a few things you definitely should do, and some you should not do.


1, Wash your bike first, you can get this done at either our Harley Davidson or Indian and Triumph motorcycle locations. They love to get some dirt off of a dusty hog.


2. Get a quality cover. You don’t want your bike to have to deal with the moisture of the season, or the constant shift of temperatures if you’re keeping it outside and exposed to the sun. You can find quality covers at our Harley Davidson Parts and Accessories.


3. Indoors is usually better, clean your garage and keep that bike beautiful.


4. Don’t over inflate your tires, this one gets a lot of riders in the winter. We often forget about pressure changes due to temperature. Keep those tires fresh and ready for the warmer riding seasons.


5. Re-up all of your fluids. Plain distilled water is great for summer, but not so much if it is going to freeze and cause issues for you later on down the road. Starting fresh in the Spring brings a lot of joy. Your gas tank is vulnerable to dryness and corrosion as well, make sure to get a nice fuel stabilizer additive to avoid these issues.


6. Take care of your battery, you do not have to remove it, but some experts say a float charger during the winter can keep the life cycle going strong.


7. Exterior threats exist – robbers don’t take breaks, and will still be looking for crimes of opportunity, so stay frosty. In addition to robbers, rodents also love to eat the plastic of our fluid lines. A quality cover can help with this.


8. You don’t have to start your bike every day. Cold starts can cause condensation to go into places you probably don’t want it to. If you are going to start it, make sure to go from cold all the way to full operation temperature and actually ride it to disperse that moisture.


Keep Your Bike At Rest


You’re likely ready to find the best way to make your bike last as long as you can, so take heed of some of these warnings and make a plan. If you need any support at all, reach out to the professionals at High Desert HD and get some help. They offer a wide variety of services and products to make the winterization of your motorcycle a smooth ride.

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      Im64 years old and can’t just go out and buy a new bike every year. My newest bike is a 2012 street glide and I ride all year long. This bike looks like it is new but you have to work at it to keep it up, so if your a lazy person you can plan on spending a lot of money at the bike shop other wise do what the shop tells you to do .I also have a 92 FXR , and it also looks great. So what I’m saying is take care of your bike what ever make it is . I have been riding dirt and street bikes since I was 15 years old and not once has my bike ever left me stranded for any thing more than a flat or gas .

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