Should I Buy A Second Motorcycle?

motoplex | May 26, 2020 | 0 | Riding , Shopping

Thinking of a second bike? Here’s a few reasons why you should get one today


If you don’t already own a second motorcycle, it’s probably crossed thoughts in your head one or twice. Probably much more than that. There’s a rational to owning a second ride, you probably just haven’t had enough internal debate with it. Here are some great reasons to purchase a second bicycle.


Your Current Bike Might Have Limitations


Every bike is designed for specific functions. Some bikes are built for touring, others for off road. We have different shoes for different adventures. Your garage should be stocked for different events as well.


Dividing the Wear and Tear of Your Current Bike


You ride a lot, as you should. Each year you put a ton of miles on your bike. Too many miles affect the value of it. Each mile you ride, you love it more and more, but the next owner won’t feel that love. They’ll just want to pay less for it. Divide your rides between two or more bikes and you’ll see a pretty nice increase of resale value of your bikes. You’ll also extend the years on your bikes if you decide to keep them.


You’ll Always Be Able to Ride


You treat your bike right. Part of that is maintenance. There are times your bike is in the shop and you’re stuck to 4 wheel transportation. How many rides did you miss while your bike was getting some love at the dealership. This would never be a problem with a second bike.


You’ll Never Need to Ride Alone


You have friends who love to ride, but don’t always have access to a bike. If you trust a friend enough with your bike, you can have them by your side on those rides with sharing.


The Reality is Two Bikes Are Better Than One


One of the biggest reasons to own a second bike is the fact that you love bikes. You’re always drooling over new bikes so feed the need to own them. We won’t pretend that owning a second bike isn’t a gateway to owning a third or fourth. But you also know that it’s as much as a financial as an emotional investment. You also have a lot of love to share, so share it with more than one motorcycle. You’ll never regret it.



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