One of the Best Motorcycle for Long Rides

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Gearing up to get out of dodge and cruise through a forested mountain pass? Maybe you want to take a trip along the California coastline down the famous Pacific Coast Highway. Whatever the journey you decide to take yourself (or someone else), you need to have the proper bike that’s going to be reliable, comfortable, and most of all… one hell of a good time. Here is our favorite motorcycle built for long distances. This is just one of the many bikes we’ll be covering over the next few weeks.




Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra


Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Ultra

Sometimes the long road trips are better with someone to ride with. To ensure you and your riding partner got everything you need look no further than the Tri Glide Ultra.Leisure, safety, and that classic Harley-Davidson power combine into one with this tricked-out trike. Having a whole array of systems to help you in less-than-ideal situations with state-of-the-art ABS & TCS (Traction Control System) working together to prevent straight-line wheel locking as well as enhancing cornering capability. Want to talk luxury? Just look at that built-for-comfort seating and the Premium Harley-Davidson trike suspension with the added comfort of the adjustable Splitsteam Air Vent pressure-equalizing duct. Guaranteed to deliver smoother airflow and reduced head buffeting.  If you want to make some memories with someone special, you’re gonna want to do it on this baby.


We’re guessing that this won’t be your first rodeo, so we recommended bikes that are the next step for motorcycle riders. Of course, the best way to know which bike is best for you is by visiting our Harley-Davidson or Indian and Triumph Dealerships. Our caring & knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have. Plus, you can know for certain what the best fit for you is by giving these bikes a test-drive. Stop on by today!


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