The Benefits of Riding a Trike Motorcycle

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Just like that age-old saying, “two heads are better than one” the more minds we put together, the better the result. Why should wheels be any different?


Over time, motorcyclists’ median age has steadily climbed (but this is starting to change), and so has the trike’s popularity. The trike, or three-wheel motorcycle, is typically designed with two wheels in the back and one up front, as seen in the trikes from Harley Davidson. You may know the benefits of riding a two-wheeler, but what about the benefits of that extra wheel?




Perhaps one of the most apparent benefits of riding a trike is the general stability of that extra wheel compared to a typical two-wheeler. Ask anyone who has made the switch, and they will tell you all of the worries about being pushed in high-speed winds, going on gravel and dirt roads, even spilling a passenger off the bike while making a sharp turn, go out the window. A trike also provides a more consistent field of view because of the third wheel’s added stability keeping you in a better sitting position at all times, even around curves. All of this not only provides a more stress-free ride, as you aren’t always thinking about the safety of you or your passenger, but this added stability means access to places you might not be willing to go on a two-wheeler.




You can’t help but think that the scenic route is always the best option, no matter how long the adventure is as the cool breeze blows past you as dawn breaks. You speed past a group of friends on two-wheelers as you all come around a bend, their two-wheelers swaying with a sudden gust of wind while you ride comfortably enjoying the morning sun. As you reach the apex of the curve, you find yourself meeting dead stopped traffic as far as the eyes can see. There’s nothing that can be done, so you put your foot on the brake and body at rest. You look back to see your friends coming to a stop, each of them leaning off their bikes with a foot on the ground. You remember the discomfort of the constant stopping and starting on a two-wheeler. You can’t control traffic, but you can manage your own enjoyment. It doesn’t look like you will be moving more than a few feet at a time for a while. It’s a good thing a trike comes with enough storage space to last the whole adventure, you think, as you reach into one of the side compartments for a quick bite to eat.




We previously talked about the benefits of buying a second motorcycle to give yourself more ways to ride, but what happens if you’ve reached an age where riding two-wheelers just isn’t possible? If you ask anyone of an older generation who used to ride motorcycles in their youth what they miss most, a likely answer is the thrill of the ride. This is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of riding a trike. Forget the immediate comfort and safety it provides; it provides lasting comfort for people with joint problems, back problems, and other medical conditions. With a trike, the scenic route doesn’t have to be lost to time. Anyone can have the adventure of a lifetime even as life keeps going.


No matter the benefits you find with a trike, it’s essential to be up to date with your safety training courses. High Desert Harley Davidson offers best in class trike safety courses and is the only place in Idaho that offers Private Lessons.


So, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than the present to jump back on a bike or upgrade to the three-wheeled horse you’ve been thinking about. You don’t have to wait until the weather’s nice to get safely back out on the road- just make sure to pack a jacket.




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