Places to Ride before you Die – Bucket List Motorcycle Rides

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Where are all the places you should ride, before you die?


There’s no experience quite like the feel of the open road whipping beneath rubber. You become a part of nature itself, a feeling unlike anything you find in the restrictive interior of a car. On a motorcycle, you can truly experience all of nature’s vast beauty and diversity as it’s meant to be experienced. The United States alone offers so many different opportunities that every rider should enjoy before they bite the bullet. We have created a list of what we think are the top five rides for your bucket list.


best places to ride a motorcycle


  1. Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is 656 miles of pure California coastline and unmatched views. Spanning nearly the entire length of the state, the highway begins near Leggett, CA, and ends just past Los Angeles. You’ll see epic waves and steep cliffs as you wind your way down the coast. The stretch of road running through Big Sur is the highlight of the trip, where you’ll encounter pristine beaches and marine wildlife. From seals to whales, keep your eyes peeled as you meander through the sand and waves to the cultural hub of Southern California, Los Angeles. This is how the Pacific Ocean was meant to be seen, and so it takes the number one spot on our list.


best place to ride in oregon


  1. Historic Columbia River Highway

Beginning in Troutdale, OR, just outside of Portland, this beautiful highway runs along the Columbia River Gorge. While only 75 miles, this road can be traveled in a single day, and offers fantastic views of the Columbia River. Stop and stretch your legs at the scenic Multnomah Falls, a 600-foot waterfall, one of many that line the start of the highway. Experience the smooth transition from lush forest to wide open river landscape and enjoy a craft beer from one of the many local breweries along the way. Enjoy views of Mt. Hood dominating the skyline or kite surfers catching the cool breeze that comes upriver from the Pacific. This is an extremely underrated ride, and one that deserves a spot on this list.


best place to ride rockies


  1. Peak to Peak Highway

The Rocky Mountains are arguably the most breathtaking mountains in all of North America. There is no better way to experience them than the 55-mile Peak to Peak highway. Twist your way along the great Continental Divide in the heart of Colorado. If you love mountain air, stop and take a hike along one of the thousands of hiking trails peppered across the mountains. Stop at the Chapel on the Rock to get a bit of history behind the people that had to travel the mountains on a living steed, instead of a steel one (bet they wish they had today’s motorcycle technology). If history isn’t your thing, just sit back and marvel at incredible mountains like Longs Peak or Mt. Jasper. The Colorado Rockies is uniquely American, and you’ll enjoy every second of it on this highway.



  1. Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument

We’ve covered oceans, rivers, and mountains, but America isn’t finished yet. Next we travel to the deserts of Utah for scenery you won’t find anywhere else in the world. This journey is for those that like to blaze their own trails. Endless miles of backroads span the nearly 1.3 million acres of The Grand Staircase, allowing you to customize how, when, and where you go. Create your own ride that encompasses landmarks like Bryce Canyon or the Petrified Forest State Park. We recommend making this a two to three-day trip, so you can experience the amazing colors of the desert during sunrise and sunset.


best places to ride


  1. Coastal Route One: Maine

For our final bucket list ride, we’re going to the far north east corner of the country. Crab anyone? Starting in Brunswick, Maine, and ending near Machias, this coastal highway gives you a truly “New England” experience. Stop along the many historic lighthouses that helped guide our forefathers or get a bowl of fresh clam chowder at one of the many seafood houses along the way. This road offers 167 miles of pristine coastline, with only one major drawback: traffic. Try to visit in the off season to avoid start-and-stop traffic and cruise along at your own pace.


These are just a handful of the hundreds of incredible highways to explore. Don’t be a victim of your own state, get out there and ride to the fullest! Make it a great ride or not, the choice is yours.