Top 10 Harley-Davidson Must-Haves For Your Man Cave

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If the “extra” time at home has you turning your thoughts towards establishing an improved Hog Haven, a more handsome Harley Davidson Den, or (for the ladies) a more lovely Lady Lair… High Desert Harley-Davidson has a few ideas.

Let’s begin with our Wall Mount Bottle Opener because it will likely be the best $9.95 you’ll spend for a while. Installing this beauty will officially bring the man cave to life….if you’ve never had one of these in your home, you may be surprised at how relieved you feel never having to look for the bottle opener again, especially when you have the perfect beverage in hand.

harley davidson bottle opener

If you prefer to pour that sudsy beverage out of the bottle and into a glass, Harley-Davison offers a number of stellar Pint glasses. Our favorite is the 115th Anniversary Logo Pints from High Desert which offer a bit of history, a beautiful logo and some local flavor for those who call Boise, Idaho home.


harley davidson glass

If you like the idea of adding some Harley-Davidson History to your establishment, but in a different way – we’ve got some outstanding Belt Buckles you can strategically place as conversation starters… or just for something to wear and admire.

We also have a very smart looking belt buckle for our Ladies of Harley. Whether you’re wearing these or displaying them, you can’t go wrong with these pieces of history.

Harley Davidson Belt Buckle

Harley Davidson Buckle

A new arrival you might like is this black ceramic 1930’s tank graphic Hog Bank. While we doubt you’ll be successful “hiding” your money there – this little piggie serves as a great set piece and a stylish mascot….and after a few pints you’ll have something to yell “SO-OIE” at….you’re tempted to do it now, aren’t you?

Harley Davidson Piggy Bank

Another new arrival that’s both functional and good looking is this Metal Bar and Shield clock that has the added panache of tire thread. While we’re confident that our clock will keep time seamlessly – we understand if you repeatedly blame this rocking chronometer as the reason you partied later in the night than you thought. That’s how things sometimes roll in the Man Cave… we get it.

Harley Davidson Wall Clock

Perhaps you’re ready to add a little Harley Davidson to your holiday style? Whether it’s on the tree or on the bar– this ornament is perfect for the Harley rider in your life. We all know Santa prefers a Harley-Davidson when he’s not riding his sleigh.

Harley Davidson Ornament

Also, for the holidays, our functional Bell in Gold Finish can serve as a lovely ornament, perhaps even a tree topper. Come midnight on Dec. 31st you’ll have something to gently ring in the New Year, and during the rest of the year it will be at the ready to be rung when the party has begun….or when it’s closing time, that’s your call.


Harley Davidson Bell


If your Man Cave is a bit too rowdy for Santa and a Gold Bell – how about adding a Retro Helmet to the scene? The best reason to own the RWB #1 B01 3/4 Helmet is for protection when you need it on the road, and perhaps as a back-up helmet…..the second best reason is when friends visit your Man Cave you can enjoy watching their eyes light up when they can’t resist trying it on. Complete the look with fingerless gloves that are both stylish and functional. No man cave is complete without a nod to the Stars and Stripes.

harley davidson helmet

harley davidson glove

So far we’ve written quite a bit about the boisterous side of a Man Cave, however, if your Harley Hideaway is more of a place to gather your thoughts or dive into some deep conversation; our High Desert Diner Mugs may be more in tune with your den. There’s just something about a good Diner Mug that can help conquer a difficult morning or serve as a friendly companion. You’ll be ready to get on the road while sipping hot coffee and enjoying the vistas.


harley davidson mug


A final thought – but perhaps the most important.  No matter what kind of Harley Davidson inspired Man Cave you build – you can’t go wrong featuring a great photo. Maybe it’s you with your first Harley, maybe it was that once in a lifetime ride you’re so fond of– if it’s a story worth re-telling, consider placing it center stage in our Industrial I-Beam styled two-piece pewter picture frame.

harley davidson frame

Whether you’re shopping for the holidays or shopping for your man cave, we have everything you need and more! This is just a taste of what we think would go great in your den but, at the end of the day, it’s yours to outfit. Come into our High Desert Harley-Davidson store to see everything we offer and maybe sneak a peek at a new bike while your at it…


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