How Do You Know You’re Ready For A Motorcycle?

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So you know you like motorcycles. You think they are cool and you enjoy riding on the back anytime your uncle, significant other or whoever takes theirs out. And now you’re starting to think that you might want one yourself. But how do you know if you’re ready? A motorcycle is quite a bit different than your sedan you’ve been driving around for years and you’re a little timid about the idea; yet, you have an itch you just can’t shake. You want to feel the breeze on your face and the open sky above your head. You have an unrelenting desire for adventure. Still a little unsure? Here are a few reasons you know you’re ready to get on a bike.


You’re Sick of Car Cost


More times than not, maintaining a motorcycle is cheaper than maintaining a car. The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) says the average rider spends an average of $138 a year on maintenance. That’s roughly the cost of two of four or five oil changes you’ll need for your car each year. And that doesn’t even factor in the costs you’ll save on gas as mileage on motorcycles usually starts around 50-60 MPG.


You’re Ready for a Breath of Fresh Air


You’ve been stuck in the cab of a car for years. Your daily commute becomes duller by the day. You need something to feel alive again. It’s been proven that riding a motorcycle releases endorphins in your brain, sparking a long lost excitement and zest for life. It’s the kind of jolt you
need to keep alive the well being of your mental health. There are also a number health benefits that come from riding such stronger knees, thighs and a stronger core.


You Want to be More Involved with Your Surroundings


You live in the age of distractions. Whether it’s because of a phone, computer, TV, iPad- there is often a degree of separation between you and your surroundings. Taking a ride forces you out of this daze. It forces you to take a deep breath, look around and pay attention to what is going on. It’s been argued that a motorcyclist makes more decisions per minute than a fighter pilot. Whether this is true or not, it speaks volume to how in tune you are with your environment when riding.


You Are Ready for Adventure


There are few things that are more real and raw than riding a motorcycle on the open road. There isn’t a cab separating you from the elements. You’re out in the world breathing open air. This is exactly what you’ve been missing in your life. You’ve had a drought of adrenaline pumping through your veins and a need for speed that hasn’t been addressed in years. Riding your bike down the road to who-knows-where, for who-knows-how-long, is excitement you’ve been looking to find for years. There are few joys greater than jumping on your motorcycle and seeing where the road takes you.


So, are you feeling ready? Are you ready to change up your commute, revitalize your vigor and for adventure? You you do think you ready, check bikes on offer at our Harley Davidson, Indian and Triumph dealerships.

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