Why It’s Best to Purchase A Motorcycle From A Dealer

motoplex | December 22, 2020 | 0 | Harley Davidson , Shopping

The time has come; you’ve done your research, have the money ready to buy, and finally got the head-nod from your significant other to go and get yourself a glistening new ride. The thing is you may still be debating with yourself on where to get it. Although it may be “easy” to go buy a second-hand Harley from Gregg down the street the variables at play can make a seemingly “good deal” turn out to be anything but. Here are just a few reasons why it’s best to purchase from an experienced dealer.



Let’s say you do decide to purchase a used bike from Gregg. He tells you it’s a really good price for a bike in its condition. Sure, it might have some wear & tear, and there’s a tiny crack in the windshield, but overall, it’s a damn good ride. You give the man your money and make a plan to set out for a quick ride through the country the next week in your “new” Motorcycle. Unfortunately, as soon as you’re outside the city limits it breaks down completely. Won’t move. Won’t start. Won’t nothing. Now you’re not only out the five grand that you gave to Gregg for the newly-minted piece of junk, but include towing fees & repairs you nearly racked yourself up to the price of a brand-new Roadster.


An instance as rough as the one described may sound a bit exaggerated, but it does happen from time to time. That’s why when you buy from a dealer they go through great lengths to make sure that you are getting EXACTLY what you’re paying for – pre-owned or brand-spanking new. And for us at High Desert Motoplex we go to great lengths to make sure that nothing gets in the way between you and your ride.



Reputability, Knowledge, & Expertise

It’s incredibly important for dealers to make sure they get your purchase right the very first time you walk into their store. That’s why having the proper knowledge with our entire collection of motorcycles is our utmost responsibility. It’s not just a matter of getting a bike off of our hands – it’s about creating a community of riders & enthusiasts that’s as vast as the road is long. So whether you’re looking for the proper dimensions on a new ride or trying to find which leather jacket goes best with your current hog we will answer your questions with honesty & expertise. In this business reputation is everything, and it takes a lot to be the best.



Remember that broken-down bike that Gregg was trying to sell you? For one thing a scenario like that would almost certainly never happen with a dealer, but if for any reason something like that awful breakdown did occur it would be replaced as quickly as possible under a dealership warranty. And for most new bikes, warranties can range from 1-3 years! That’s a lot of security that Gregg down the street simply can’t match up to.



All of this is to say that if you truly want that freedom & blissful experience that comes from a motorcycle it would behoove you to find someone who will put all of those trepidations in your mind at ease. Of course, we recommend the high-quality staff at High Desert Harley Davidson or Boise Triumph or Indian Motorcycles to help find the perfect motorcycle for you. And as for Gregg? Have him trade that Harley over to us, and we’ll help find the perfect ride for him as well. Head on over to High Desert Harley Davidson today! It’s time to meet your new ride.

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