Best Beginner Motorcycles

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What Are The Best Bikes For Someone To Learn To Ride?


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cruising down the highway on a motorcycle. You can’t describe the words on a page, it’s something that can only be experienced. Everyone has to start somewhere. Even the best riders in the world were once beginners and it’s important to understand exactly what your preferences and comforts are before selecting your first bike. There are some very important things to consider before you hit the street. What’s your purpose; are you riding for distance or pleasure? How much power do you need? What is your price range? These are some common things to consider when buying your motorcycle, and we’ve compiled a list of excellent first motorcycles to introduce you to the sport.


Harley Davidson Street 500

MY20 XG500 Street 500. Street.


The Harley Street 500 is a perfect bike for beginners. Designed for an urban setting, this sleek bike combines the look of the classic Harley with a manageable 500cc engine. It features an upright riding position, which is a great seating option for beginners. It’s a low-set bike, allowing better control and traction. It’s the perfect confidence builder for anyone looking to improve their riding skills. Notable features include a passenger seat, an anti-lock braking system, and an adjustable seat. The low-level engine will keep you safe and comfortable until you’re ready for something with a little more horsepower. The bike is also highly affordable, with most models starting around $10,000


Harley Davidson Superlow

Harley Davidson Superlow


The Harley Superlow is another bike intended to get your confidence up on the road. It’s a low set, perfectly balanced blend of Harley style and easy riding. The bike features an Air-cooled Evolution 883 engine. It has just enough power to keep you excited even after you’ve mastered the art of the ride. There’s no passenger seat here, so it’s just you and the road, giving you even more control and torque (69 Nm). The bike is also a beginner in disguise, and anyone that spots you riding it will think you’ve been at it for years. Some comfortable features include an adjustable bucket seat, easy-grip, adjustable handlebars, an emulsion rear shock with screw adjusters, which allows you to stay comfortable no matter what comes around the corner.


Harley Davidson Iron 883

Harley Iron 883


The 2020 Harley Iron 883 is no-nonsense, plain and simple. This bike was designed for simplicity, stripping away any excess instruments that doesn’t directly enhance the riders’ experience. The bike has a forward riding position, putting you in the center of the action. It’s low set, allowing perfect balance and control, and features an 883cc Air-Cooled V-Twin Engine. The Iron is designed in all-black matte style. It laughs in the face of chrome and is designed specifically for you to make a statement. Of course, the bike is also customizable with street inspired paint jobs to help you stay unique. This bike is also highly affordable, with prices starting around $8,900


Triumph Street Scrambler

Triumph Street Scrambler


If you’re looking for a different brand that offers similar easy riding styles, Triumph has much to offer, including the Street Scrambler. Don’t let its name fool you, the Street Scrambler is designed for the off-road rider as much as the on road. It’s versatility in different riding styles alone earns it a spot on this list. With prices starting at $11,000 you won’t find a bike that does more for less. The engine is a liquid-cooled, 8-valve, 900cc, perfect for someone who’s looking to get comfortable, but get experience at the same time. Some features include a Bonneville branded metallic embellisher with integrated alert lights and multi-function display, a twin adjustable seat, wide spaced front forks, and mid-set adventure style front pegs.


Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin


The street twin is focused only on performance. By far the most successful of Triumph’s modern classics, the bike blends classic Bonneville performance with subtle, controlled elegance. This bike also features an amazing number of customizable features, from color to comfort, you can design the bike almost completely yourself. Starting around $9,300, the bike offers everything you’d expect from a classic bike, mixed with ground-breaking performance features. The engine is a Liquid-Cooled, 8-valve, 900cc engine with a bore of 84.6 and stroke of 80. The max torque is 59ft-lbs(80Nm) @ 3800rpm, which is very difficult to find in a bike with this price. You’re essentially getting a bike that can do it all, for a fraction of the price. Features include a Brembo front brake system, new cartridge forks (41mm), road and rain riding modes, torque assist clutch, and much more.


Indian Scout 60

Indian Scout 60


If you’re interested in getting an iconic bike that will last you a while, the Indian Scout 60 fits the bill. This bike is both lightweight and sits low to the ground allowing easier handling for beginning riders. Indian Motorcycles made this version of the Scout with a more manageable V-Twin (60 degree) engine that delivers 78 horsepower. With most of the bike’s design inspired by the 1920s Scout, you get looks that scream ‘legendary’. Many new riders will like this bike because while it looks iconic, it is also equipped with all of the modern tech that makes the transition to riding a bike a bit smoother. It has optional ABS brakes, a 5-speed transmission and electronic fuel injection with liquid cooling. After hopping on this cruiser that’s all you will want to do, cruise.


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