Jobs That Are Perfect For Motorcycle Riders

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Love to ride? Here are a few great careers for motorcycle riders.


One of the great rules in life is to make your hobby your job. It’s why we have airline pilots, professional athletes, chefs and many more careers where people can’t wait to start their day.


Do what you love.


If riding is what you love, then why aren’t you doing it for a living? There are many jobs out there that would find you on the back of a motorcycle. Some come right out of pure fantasy, and others are jobs you probably see in action daily. Here are a few jobs that would keep you riding all day.


Motorcycle Cop


When we ride, we probably all still hum the ‘CHiP’s’ theme song a bit. It’s fun and reminds us of our youth when we wanted to be Ponch and John heading down I-5. Motorcycle Policemen are still as needed as they were back in the days of polyester and flair. Maybe units have dedicated departments just for this. They could be looking for you. It’s not as simple as signing up and getting a bike. Usually it takes a few years to get on bike patrol. A lot of training, no accidents, paying your dues. But when it’s time, it’ll be worth it. If you’re going to get paid to ride a bike, you might as well have a spiffy uniform at that. Reach out to your local police department and talk academy requirements. It might be a lot easier than you think.


Travel Writer and/or Photographer


The things you see when you ride, right? The pictures you post on your Instagram, the stories you tell your friends. They are fascinated and can’t wait to hear more. You do it for free, why not get paid for it instead. There are a lot of ways to make a living as a writer or photographer, or both. Starting your own travel blog, selling to magazines or websites, even publishing a book. You took the time to learn to ride a bike, now take the time to learn photography. Begin to develop your voice for writing. Turn your eye into your moneymaker. What others would consider a vacation, you’ll be calling your job… and loving it.


Motorcycle Courier


Let’s put those saddlebags to use. We spend half our time running errands, so you might as well get a bit of money for it. Motorbike couriers collect and deliver small items, often within a town or city but sometimes on much longer trips. They are quicker than bicycle couriers and far more mobile than those in an automobile. It’s a great way to write off your bike on taxes as well.


Motorcycle Mechanic


You know the workings of your bike like the back of your hand. You fix rattles and leaks like a pro, you probably are a pro. There are always going to be motorcycles, so there’s always going to be a need for mechanics. Knowledge of motorcycle mechanics is required for this technical kind of position, but can be extremely rewarding and fun for those who like a challenge and don’t mind getting their hands dirty.


Stunt Rider


If you’re going to dream, dream big right? It’s not so big of a dream that it can’t happen. I mean, people are doing it so why not you? Think of the dumb things you did on your bike as a kid before someone explained gravity. Get a bit of padding, a lot of training and bunch of courage and get jumping.


Motorcycle Sales


If you think about it, there are probably already a handful of people you know who are riding because of you. Your passion was shared to them and now they own their own bikes. You have a knack for it, so make it a career.  If you’re genuinely enthusiastic about everything motorcycles, sales would be a great position for you. And there’s no better way to learn about the product than testing it out. You’ll also be surrounded by other like-minded people who have the same love for riding that you do. New friends to ride with, there’s nothing better than that.


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