12 More Rocking Songs About Motorcycles

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This past August we dedicated our a blog to 12 Rock Classics about Motorcycles.


Tragically, almost two months later, Rock and Roll Genius, Eddie Van Halen passed away.


After the dust settled, we took some time to revisit Van Halen’s many, many hits – and High Desert Moto Plex couldn’t help but smile when we watched the Panama video and saw David Lee Roth riding a Harley Davidson Low Rider with the lyrics proclaiming:


“Ain’t nothin’ like it, it’s a shiny machine”


Panama – Van Halen


And, of course, that also got us thinking about the song Low Rider by War.  While the video features cars, we think there’s an honest case to be made that this song could also be about Harley Davidson Low Riders as well.


And how can you not love the lyrical persuasion of:


“Take a little trip, take a little trip, take a little trip with me”.


Low Rider Video – War


Once we began thinking of songs we hadn’t listed…well, that’s when we decided to write 12 More Rocking Songs about Motorcycles!


For instance Motley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls – I mean, this may be an excuse just to see beautiful women dancing – but the video is about Guys riding motorcycles everywhere – the song even begins with the revving of an Engine!


Girls, Girls, Girls Video – Motley Crue


Another song that offers a rambling balance of Sexy Women and a Motorcycle feel is the Foghat classic – Slow Ride. As soon as the opening chords hit our imagination – we’re ready for a “Take it easy” tour to somewhere special.


Slow Ride – Foghat


If you’re appreciating this mellow ride – we’d recommend Neil Young’s Unknown Legend – and not just because he uses our brand in his lyrics:


“Somewhere on a desert highway, She rides a Harley-Davidson, Her long blonde hair flyin’ in the wind….”


Unknown Legend – Neil Young


Not to brag – but, what can we say, a lot of amazing musicians choose Harley Davidson.  In the song Thundering Hearts John Cougar serenades:


“Ride that Harley Davidson in the hot summer heat, Lord knows that I just love to ride….”


Thundering Hearts – John Cougar


Billy Joel – House of Blue Light


Billy Joel also riffs about riding a Harley Davidson in his bluesy, roadhouse melody….House of Blue Light.



Another Billy with a passion for riding is Billy Idol – his song Prodigal Blues is a rocking mixed bag of personal regret and being true to yourself. We can all relate.


His video showcases his love for Motorcycles.


Prodigal Blues – Billy Idol


While Billy is referencing the Prodigal Son – Jesse Dayton sings about his Daddy being a Badass — and of course here at High Desert Moto Plex we’re kicking up our boots and enjoying the Harley Davidson reference.


Daddy was a Badass – Jesse Dayton


In Jesse Dayton’s song “Daddy” owned a 1963 Panhead Harley Davidson. And that reminded us of one of Rock and Roll’s greatest legends Jimi Hendrix who also owned a 1960’s Panhead Harley Davidson. When it comes to Jimi Hendrix and motorcycles most people reference the song Eazy Rider which mentions his Motorcycle Mamma —  but whenever we listen to Come on (Let the Good Times Roll)…..it reminds us what a good time we have riding down the road with great rock and roll.


Come on Let the Good Times Roll – Jimi Hendrix


Unfortunately the Rock n Roll lifestyle has taken a number of lives (like Jimi’s) far too early. In 2020 The Pretty Reckless penned a song called Death by Rock and Roll and we definitely think you’ll want to add this to your rotation.


And we’re not just writing this because lead singer Taylor Momsen is straddling a Harley Davidson on the cover.


Death by Rock n Roll – The Pretty Reckless


We couldn’t finish another playlist without acknowledging all of the great music from the show Sons of Anarchy. We enjoy Miles Away which unites The Forest Rangers with Guitar legend Slash.


Miles Away – The Forest Rangers / Feat Slash


We realize that we’re offering up a baker’s dozen by listing a 13th song – and Aaron Golay’s song “I’m so Bad” doesn’t mention a Motorcycle at all. But earlier this year Aaron Golay and his band were all set to perform at High Desert Harley-Davidson in Meridian for the very worthy cause of Bikers Against Child Abuse.


Unfortunately the Pandemic prevented us from spending a great afternoon enjoying Rock n Roll by this terrific Idaho band.


High Desert Moto Plex believes this song will quickly become a rock favorite of yours – and we look forward to the day we can catch them performing live again around Boise….real soon.


I’m so Bad – Aaron Golay

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