Everything You Should Know About The Indian Motorcycle 2020 Roadmaster Dark Horse

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Spawned from the successful Chieftain Dark Horse, the Roadmaster Dark Horse is a technological gift from Indian Motorcycle.  It’s powerful, smooth, stylish and best of all, available.



Let’s talk power. The Thunder Stroke 116 blacked-out engine produces 126 ft-lb of torque at an astonishingly low 2,900 rpm. When you open it up, you’ll be looking at a top speed of 115 mph.  That’s a speed that we’d never recommend, but it always nice to know it’s in your pocket.


What about design? Indian is great at sticking to its roots. This bike has successfully blended the classic design of Indian with a modern touch. You’ll quickly notice the full-length front fender that drops the skirting in favor of cut-back sides that allow the front wheel to remain visible. The bold front forks capture the classic beer can fork skirts with a chrome finish from top to bottom to nicely offset the blackout treatment that truly stands out in the drivetrain area. A cyclops LED headlight surrounded by a duel vent fairing. On top of that a push button, adjustable windshield that you can set for any riding condition.  It’s available in three colors. Thunder Black Smoke, Ruby Smoke, White Smoke. Each one looks amazing, you’ll end up wanting to get one of each.



Combining design with usability, this bike comes with a 5.5-gallon teardrop fuel tank that sports the classic Indian head/war bonnet graphic. The seat is 26.5 inches off the ground, created for a comfortable rider’s triangle and also makes for an easy reach to the ground. Behind you you’ll protect your cargo from the elements in a weatherproof storage with remote-locking saddlebags, trunk, and easy access storage in the lowers. You’ll have over 37 gallons of storage from stylish additions to your bike. Additional amenities include LED lighting, keyless ignition, cruise-control, tire pressure monitoring, and heated grips. The weather will never be a challenge with this ride.



Indian Motorcycle Ride Command. The largest, fastest, most customizable system on two wheels, it features turn-by-turn navigation with intuitive destination search capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, vehicle information, plus connected traffic and weather overlays to keep you on the road longer. With that you’ll have the high-output speakers in the fairing and trunk that will deliver 200-watts of crystal-clear audio. It also sports a dynamic equalizer that automatically adjusts for road, wind and engine noise.


The double-cradle frame boasts tubular members, combined with a strong backbone and dual downtubes for extra strength. It’s a heavy frame that protects its lower cases. Heavy plates brace up the steering head that sets a 25-degree angle of rake with 5.9 inches of trail over a 65.7-inch wheelbase. These all add up to give the Roadmaster line a balance between agility and stability while maintaining an eagerness for the corners with a 31-degree lean angle to both sides.


The Roadmaster has cast-aluminum wheels placed with Dunlop Elite tires in a 130/60-19 up front opposite a 180/60-16. 46 mm inner fork tubes make up the front suspension. In back an air-adjustable monoshock that offers you the ride you can only get from air, and it has 4.5 inches of play to let you forget less than favorable road conditions.


What about stopping? 2 300 mm discs and four-piston anchors add braking power to the front wheel while a twin-piston caliper to grab the 300 mm rear disc manage the back. In addition you’ll have the added value of stock ABS protection.




There’s a long list of standard equipment on this bike. 7″ Ride Command® Touchscreen Display with Navigation; Power Windshield; Driving Lights; Highway Bars; Vinyl Rogue Seats (Separate Rider/Passenger Heat Controls); Heated Grips; Adjustable Passenger Floorboards; 36.2 Gallons of Storage; Tire Pressure Monitoring; Remote-locking Hard Saddlebags & Trunk; Selectable Ride Modes; Rear Cylinder Deactivation; ABS; Cruise Control; Keyless Ignition; 200 Watt Audio System with AM/FM, Bluetooth, USB, Smartphone Compatible Input, and Weatherband. With all of these features, you’ll also get a 2 year, unlimited mileage warranty. That will be important as you’ll find yourself riding quite a bit.


We can talk about this bike all day, but the best way to show it, is for you to actually see it. You can schedule a ride and check out the inventory at Boise Indian Motorcycle today





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