Indian Challenger vs Harley Davidson Road Glide

austindoty | March 10, 2020 | 0 | Harley Davidson , Indian Motorcycle

For years it’s been Harley Davidson’s Road Glide that has resided as the premier and most popular choice for riders when it comes long-distance, cross-country touring. From acceleration to torque, to the overall feel of the ride, Harley Davidson has been hard to beat. Few companies have been daring enough to compete with all that the bike has to offer and other products have always come up short. That is until Indian Motorcycles have decided to step up to the plate.


With its all new Indian Challenger, Indian Motorcycles is making an effort to finally overtake Harley Davidson and offer the more superior and efficient bike when it comes to touring. By just running down the spec sheets of the Road Glide and the Challenger, it’s easy to see why Indian has confidence in its new product. With an additional 27hp/5 ft-lbs in passing power, nearly a second faster in 0-60 acceleration and a cheaper yet more advanced leaning technology, it’s easy to see why Indian is putting so much faith in its new bike.



But the test also goes beyond what’s on paper. With Indian’s “Challenger Challenge”, the company is inviting riders across the nation to many of its dealerships to come drive and put each of the two bikes to the test. Professional riders, Carey Hart and his loyal sidekick, Bryan “Big B” Mahoney, have already put these two bikes up against one another with the ​torque taco truck test​ and with ​a drag race​. Both tests found the Challenger to be the better of the two bikes.


Indian is excited and confident in taking on Harley Davidson’s Road Glider. The longstanding precedent of this bike as the benchmark for touring is being tested, but only due to the outstanding effort and innovation of Indian Motorcycles.

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